Hosted Exchange Isn't Just for Big Business

Today’s environment demands stable, affordable, & secure email communications. 


Quickly increase employee productivity by sharing calendar, contacts, and tasks with your fellow co-workers.

Email Security

Email protection (virus scanning & spam filtering) with email continuity service to ensure security, preservation and continuous operation of email communications.


Access to mailbox from anywhere over the internet via Outlook or Outlook Web Access, or mobile devices.

Tech Support & Monitoring

24x7x365 monitoring of hardware & software systems. 99.999%/100% uptime. Tier-4 data center to ensure redundant connectivity, power and physical security.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. When compliance demands secure messaging, there is an optional add-on service for Email Encryption.

The webmail link is You would then enter in your full email address and your email password. 

Server is “” & the domain is “sh11.lan”.

Rest assured that your email communications from your systems to your Exchange-hosted email servers are secure. Your emails sent to other users on your email domain (company) are secure. But no one can guarantee the security when the email leaves our Exchange servers. Most servers (not all) use TLS encryption to establish connections from server to server so emails are sent over an encrypted/secure session. If the person you are sending email to is on a server which does not offer this, then your email will not be sent encrypted (therefore not sent secure).  If you require a solution to secure the transmission of sensitive emails for compliance purposes, you can use our encryption solution.

Yes. Your Exchange email service includes Reflexion Email Protection with Email Continuity Service.

The Reflexion Email Protection & Email Continuity Service is included at no extra charge with your Exchange accounts.  All incoming & outgoing emails go through this gateway which prevents the spread of spam and other malicious emails containing viruses & phishing exploits.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call (508) 429-5138.