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Customer Testimonials

"He is an invaluable part of our team."

"Like everyone, I rely on my laptop daily to run thousands of tasks and perform just as I need it to. On that rare occasion when something mysteriously (or not so mysteriously) goes wrong, I panic - until I remember I have Kevin. He has the patience of a saint with the ability to fix any issue with ease. In miraculously no time at all (depending on how much I have screwed things up), everything is working fine (and often better than before). Not only is Kevin masterful at fixing IT issues, but he is thoughtful about our systems set-up, maintenance and security. At the same time, he is incredibly budget conscious and willing to show us the ropes so the next time we can save some money (and embarrassment) by fixing things ourselves. He is an invaluable part of our team."
Victoria Nessen

“Hands down the best in the business."

“Hands down the best in the business. I have worked with many vendors in my 20+ years in hospitality and none compare to Kevin O’Keefe and Beacon Network Technologies. Our hotel and its dated technology had every complex problem you can think of. Kevin was always there to assist with a smile. Super-efficient and extremely skilled in his craft Kevin always seems to get us out of a jam quickly and has helped to create more stability and lasting solutions for our networking needs. If you are looking for assistance the answer is very clear in Kevin and Beacon Network Technologies.”
Shawn Rodriquenz

Client Testimonials

Our customers rely on us to be available when an outage occurs. Once a client, any downtime in their business is now in our hands to troubleshoot and resolve as quickly as possible.

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Essie Motameni

We had to upgrade our hotel’s very complex Property Management System, and we really had a hard time finding an IT person who had a good knowledge of the whole process. Then Kevin O'Keefe of Beacon Network Technologies was recommended to us and what blessing that was. He took over the task in hand and got it done in short couple of months. His knowledge of the fast pace IT is second to none…He is very detail and result oriented, professional, and always available and keeps all involved on track to make sure the job gets done correctly. It was a pleasure working with him and very comforting to know he is just a phone call away.

Sharonanne Ferris

"My company has been working with Kevin for years and wouldn't let anyone else touch our systems & network."

Dwight Garland

“Kevin, is very professional. He responds to requests immediately, and he solves problems without delay - great things to have in IT service!”

Todd Sankey

"Several years ago , when the corporate IT Manager left the company I was introduced to Kevin O’Keefe and Beacon Network Technologies. Kevin took the time to listen to the needs of the hotel and for our clientele. He analyzed what we had, what we needed and developed a plan to move forward. Kevin has become a invaluable member of the hotel team; greatly assisting us in the planning, purchasing and implementation of a new PMS, several POS systems and their complex interfaces. His attention to detail and desire to do the job right the first time is what makes Kevin and Beacon Network Technologies, a first class IT company. I cannot recommend Beacon highly enough."

Bill Sage

"We have dealt with Kevin O'Keefe & Beacon Network Technologies since 1999 for all of our technology issues. Whether it was something having to do with software or hardware, Kevin always had the answer. He is always available whenever there's a problem and has come to be someone we can count on even when others gave up. I've been able to sleep at night knowing we have Kevin (and Beacon Network Technologies) to manage our IT."

John K. Dvorak

"We have had the pleasure of working with Kevin O’Keefe of Beacon Network Technologies for about five years. Kevin has responded to our questions, installations, updates, solutions and emergencies with a remarkable level of promptness, professionalism and thoroughness. Kevin has always made every effort to accommodate our needs and has been instrumental in facilitating the seamless operation of our business. We feel very fortunate to have established a relationship with Kevin and look forward to continuing to work with Kevin."

Ken Rice, MD

"Beacon Network Technologies has greatly helped our IT division at BioCare. Having worked together for close to 18 years now, Kevin O'Keefe has worked hard and effectively to integrate the various aspects of our laboratory - including patient data and imaging management, billing services, and maintaining and upgrading our extensive network. Our needs are mission critical, and Beacon Network Technologies has always delivered in a timely fashion. Kevin is a delight to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend Beacon without any reservation whatsoever."

Beth Scherer

"Our company manages several hotels in many different locations. Our needs are all over the map, literally & figuratively. I was introduced to Kevin about 10 years ago and said, “Finally an IT Guy that can work with us!.” We manage all different brands of hotels and Kevin is ALWAYS able and available to work with us and solve our “problems”. Not only does he fix or solve the issue at hand, he makes suggestions regularly as to how to run our systems more efficiently. Kevin is definitely up to date with the latest technology & trends. He is an honest, reliable & trustworthy person who would work 24/7 if that is what it takes to get the job done."

Jason Fulton

"I have worked with Kevin as both a coworker and as an IT consultant working for our Company. His knowledge and experience in the world of IT makes him the first person I call upon when needing help with an issue, or an upcoming project. Kevin will make sure the job gets done right and help you take the steps to make sure you computers, server, and networks run as they should."

Tom Moore

"I was reflecting on all of the changes in our industry especially the last ten years. If ever there was a “BEACON” of stability and reliability it was you and your company. Through all of the changes, updates, crashes, and generational challenges that I have experienced in the computer world, I knew that a call to Kevin no matter what time of day or night would set me straight. Whatever the application, you kept our hotel going, and with your wealth of experience and knowledge, your suggestions and anticipation of future needs, has kept us on course. I know that this is your job but it's a pleasure to have someone to care as much for our business and our needs as you would treat your own company. Thank You."

Kellie Harrington

"In the four years I have worked with Kevin he has been an invaluable resource in keeping our company up & running. We all understand the frustration of time and money lost due to technological difficulties. The service that "Beacon Network Technologies" provides has minimized our down time. Kevin is proactive and an initiator. He anticipates our needs and implements technological solutions as a preventative and productive measure. I can entrust a project to Kevin and I can leave it in his hands, knowing that whatever it may be --- our network, pda devices, laptops, new computer or printer systems, server management, software & licensing, etc. --- he will follow it through until completion. His technical knowledge is extensive. Whatever we need --- he knows how to get it done or he finds out how to get it done. It is reassuring to have such a knowledgeable and personable consultant, Kevin O'Keefe addressing our IT needs."

Damon DeVito

"As a leading professional manager of golf courses and private clubs that has worked in 24 states, we have IT needs in many different geographic areas. There are certain things that we simply need a local person for, but as much as possible Affinity Management relies on Beacon because they find better solutions, faster. In one case another group told us to bring a machine in and budget 7 hours of work. They couldn’t troubleshoot by phone. Beacon solved the problem remotely in less than one hour. Beacon has proved knowledgeable, trustworthy, competent and fast. Having worked with member clubs (golf, country, city, equestrian, shooting, fishing) Affinity has dealt with many IT consultants. Kevin is the best we've encountered and has become our go to guy. He is fast and seems to always be able to solve the problem quickly and remotely. He is plenty busy and shows no desire to drive up fees by doing unnecessary work. I trust Kevin immensely and recommend him without reservation."

Linda Lukas

"Kevin O'Keefe has been a "life-saver" for my small marketing consulting company. One of his client's kindly recommended him to me, and he has been an invaluable resource in helping to resolve all of the IT issues and challenges that I have faced over the last 13 years. In addition, Kevin is such a nice guy! Plus, in view of his client base and workload, he has patiently addressed each issue and took the time to explain everything to me in detail. And he follows up every time!! I enthusiastically recommend Kevin (and Beacon Network Technologies) to any small or large company. It is a distinct pleasure to work with Kevin, and I feel lucky that he is my IT consultant."

Richard Hilaire

"You're considering retaining Beacon Network Technologies for your business? I would like to make your decision an easy one. For the 9 years that I have been managing the front of the house at the Marriott Courtyard Cambridge as the AGM, and have had Kevin (Beacon Network Technologies) on our team, I have been literally dazzled by the knowledge and urgency of his work. Coming from a turn-the-brass-key hotel, to a state of the art in technology operation, Kevin has built this property. Not only has Kevin supported every aspect of the networking within the hotel, but he has gone far and wide in troubleshooting areas not within his regime. I remember calling Kevin for a total multi-system outage, not even related to each other, paralyzing my operation. Not even having signed a contract at the time, at 10:30PM, on the night before he was leaving at 4AM on vacation, he was there for me, and had me up & running within half an hour. It's a pleasure and a Godsend to have Kevin with us and would highly recommend having him on your team."

James J. Rafferty

"Kevin O’Keefe of Beacon Network Technologies has consistently provided my firm with spectacular IT support. He understands my company’s specific needs and works to ensure that those needs will always be met by providing virus protection, restorative software and back-up for important documents. Even on vacation, he picked up my call and helped me immediately when an issue regarding my email server arose. The problem was fixed within minutes and he explained both what had happened and what I could do in the future to solve similar issues. I have come to rely upon him to ensure that my firm stays operational, efficient, and up to date. I do so with confidence."

Patti Feeley

"For eight plus years I have had the good fortune to work at a company that utilizes the services of Kevin O’Keefe’s firm Beacon Network Technologies. Prior to working here, I had always had a full time IT staff at my disposal and initially was leery of having only a consultant available. Kevin quickly put my apprehension to rest with his rapid response time, knowledge, efficiency, and thorough follow-through. Kevin has a straight-forward sensible approach that considers the culture of the company as well as the various technical levels of the individuals he assists. In addition, Kevin’s professionalism and patience are second to none."

Leslie Saul

"Kevin O'Keefe has been our IT consultant for over 17 years. As an Architecture and Interiors firm, we depend on our computers for 3D modeling and Construction Drawings as well as for the typical office requirements. Since Kevin has been in charge, we have almost no down time because of the regular maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrades that he has been able to perform for us. Kevin is also a delight to deal with, making those urgent calls so much less painful. Kevin is knowledgeable, patient, helpful and dedicated to his clients. We strongly recommend Beacon Network Technologies for all of your IT needs."

David Doiron

"Over the past 10 years or so, our paths have crossed many times here in New England and we have had the great fortune of working together with Kevin O’Keefe and Beacon Network Technologies on a number of projects. We value our strategic relationship with Kevin and his organization, his no-nonsense approach to IT is refreshing. His attention to detail and precise execution of IT services has proved to me that Kevin has perfected his art. It has been our pleasure to work with Kevin O’Keefe and Beacon Network Technologies, he comes highly recommended."

Tom Kopaczynski

"Beacon Network Technologies has been a tremendous part in the continued success and smooth running for our Hotel. At a moment’s notice Kevin is ready and able to troubleshoot issues that arise and they are resolved lightning fast. There isn’t a task Kevin isn’t willing to take a look at and correct – in an industry where the guest comes first and guest service needs to be top notch, Kevin fits us like a glove. Prompt, pleasant, and precise service 100% of the time!"

Lawrence Nicolai

"Kevin O’Keefe is a highly dedicated professional who has been providing IT support to us for nearly 19 years. We consider Kevin a great asset to our company with the expertise and exceptional service he provides to us. In this age of electronic exchange of data and communication we rely heavily on Kevin to keep our information systems running smoothly without interruption. Kevin is extraordinarily responsive to our needs. Be it our front or back office systems, personal workstations or laptops Kevin gets it done providing both on-site and remote support. I sometimes wonder how he accomplishes all he does or, if he ever sleeps. Kevin is a valued vendor partner who takes pride in his work. I highly recommend him without reservation."

Tom DeSisto

"Beacon Network Technologies has helped our company for the past ten years with many networking challenges and has come thru in the clutch when we really needed their expertise on issues we could not have resolved ourselves. Kevin O’Keefe has been very responsive and professional to whatever we have requested his services for. I highly recommend Beacon Network Technologies."

David Grossberg

"Well just for the record – you have certainly made my job easier by “looking over my shoulder” and being as proactive as you are. When I hear all those horror stories about friends of mine losing data at their jobs because of poor backups and system problems, it just makes me appreciate your efforts that much more."

Gail MacCallum

"I was introduced to Kevin O’Keefe, of Beacon Network Technologies, six years ago while I was doing per diem work for a company in Brookline MA. I was so impressed with his knowledge, promptness and professionalism that when our Vascular Profiling Laboratory at Brigham & Women’s Hospital was looking for a network person, I thought of him immediately. Our core lab uses a 16 terabyte server that runs 24/7 and with Kevin’s expertise he has made it possible for our operations to run smoothly. His recommendations have not only saved us money, but they were exactly what we needed. No matter what time it is, day or night, Kevin has always been available. I look forward to working with Kevin in the future."

Karen Brooks

"Kevin has managed our network for the past 15 years as it doubled in size and added VPN capabilities. He is a good partner in accomplishing our goals with the most efficient and cost-effective procedures. He always looks for and does whatever is in the best interests of our company, as if he were one of the owners."

Diane Kiladis

“I have had the pleasure to work with Kevin O'Keefe on several occasions. Specifically at GreatPoint Energy he provided IT support for our early stage company and helped build our IT infrastructure. Kevin is an expert in his field and in every instance, he has been able to solve and fix technology issues quickly, accurately and efficiently while trying to save the company money. He is patient, takes the time to recommend solutions and is always in the "know" of the latest updates in technology. Kevin is the first and only person I call for my IT support needs.”

Jurgen Demisch

"We are a boutique hotel company, which has grown both externally and internally. This said we have had ever changing needs to be competitive in the marketplace. Kevin is providing ongoing solutions in all areas of website marketing, voicemail communications and of course keeping our IT / computer network up to the highest standards. This timely input and uncompromising style is very much appreciated. He is our valuable connection to the ever changing world of technology."

Blair Winans

"Kevin is an expert in his field and a total professional. I have had the chance to work with him over several years as we share some of the same clients, and he has been a fantastic colleague. He's responsive, which is important in the IT field, and his ability to troubleshoot and solve problems quickly means that I rest easy knowing he is on the case. Plus, he's an easy-going, nice guy, which is a rarity when dealing with IT pros!"

Martha R. A. Fields

"For close to ten years, Beacon Network Technologies has provided information technology services to my business. I can honestly say that Beacon Network Technologies has consistently given me outstanding service and has never let me down as a customer. My international client base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to Ivy-league schools, such as Harvard Business School as well as large non-profits and healthcare organizations. As an author and motivational speaker, I often have book signings and appear on TV and radio. Following a broadcast or speaking engagement, I need to make sure that potential clients can easily reach me via email. These demanding groups require that my organization has the capability to respond to their needs without disruption due to computer glitches. Because Beacon Network Technologies is part of my virtual team, I have the peace of mind to know that I can reach both current and prospective clients via a solid and dependable information technology system. Whenever I have run into problems with my systems, Beacon Network Technologies responds rapidly to my request so that there is minimal disruption to my business. As my firm has grown, and I’ve needed to upgrade my technological capabilities, Kevin O’Keefe has personally taken an interest and guided me and my staff through this complicated process. He is patient, understanding and speaks in a way that even a technologically-challenged executive, such as myself, can understand the techno-talk. In addition, he has helped me to select cost-effective systems that meets both the current and future needs of my growing business. I am a devoted Beacon Network Technologies client and am so grateful to have such a competent and service-oriented company working for me."

Jeanne Coulombre​

"Kevin is a master in the IT world. He has strong analytical abilities and is very effective in problem solving and implementing change. He makes himself readily available for any problems that arise. He is extremely personable and a great asset to any organization. I would highly recommend him."

Michelle Lucier

"Words that come to mind when describing the quality of Kevin O’Keefe’s (Beacon Network Technologies') work are responsive, intelligent, capable and personable. I have had a working relationship with Kevin for more than 5 years. In that time he has repeatedly been the go-to IT resource who always delivers. I manage a cardiac research laboratory in one of the major Boston hospitals which relies on a variety of specialized networked components and applications. We just completed a large clinical trial and we met our analysis delivery deadlines supported by Kevin and his know-how. When our own technical resources can’t resolve an issue it is Kevin we turn to and he never disappoints. His ability to adapt to our unique environment, continuously resolve issues and act as our IT guide has been invaluable."

Carlos Castrello

“When I first became the IT Manager at Peabody Hotel Group Natick I was in need of an expert and guiding hand while involved in numerous projects with relocation of IDF closets and wireless Internet issues. Kevin was instrumental in the success of these projects and his knowledge and professionalism was key in getting the immediate results that were needed in order to complete these projects in a timely manner. His efforts helped us achieved success and we also achieved minimum disruption of service to our hotel guests. Any company that needs expert IT advise and support should hire Beacon Network Technologies. They will benefit greatly and they will receive expert advise with a great degree of professionalism and outstanding friendly service."

Donald Andrade

“Kevin is an outstanding IT professional who is very responsive and committed to assisting his clients. He has assisted me on a number of issues and I recommend his services to others.”

Michael Calabrese

"Kevin O'Keefe is the best outside IT Consultant I've ever used. He was able to keep our antiquated systems up and running with a very limited investment. He always came up with cost-effective solutions and creative work-arounds to problems as they arose..."

Gayle Sinclair

Kevin has always been professional, courteous an responds very quickly to any problems or concerns. Definitely one of the very best IT people I have ever worked with. He breaks it down in English - something most IT people seem to forget - and resolves the difficulty efficiently and expediently. I don't usually take the time to recommend but for Kevin - I am happy to do the recommendation!